Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and happy new year our juicy babes.

Say hi if you bump into us at Christmas parties or new year parties as we will be to many :D

It's still not too late to shop for your party attire. We know, it's year end. There would be weddings to attend, company dinners or parties, Christmas parties of course and definitely new year parties. Unlike some people, we know you babes do not want to be the plain ordinary girls but we (the pretty babes) want to be on the go and ready for any occassions on the simplest day. So spare some of your precious time to browse through and if you fancy anything, just buzz us. We will be 24/7 hours online. Wheeeee!!!!!!

p/s Please join our FACEBOOK group by just clicking HERE and click at 'join this group' at the right top corner and enjoy the promotion we offer through out the year!!! Simple right?

Happy holidays pretty ladies!!!!

Oh we love holidays :D

Juicy Thoughts: If you are not in fashion, you are nobody. ~Lord Chesterfield~


RiMa said...

hai hai.. thanks for dropping by..

yes, i like to see all your collection here... but somehow, i'm still waiting for the plus size.. hahahahha...

all the best!

The Juicy Closet said...

Oh hi Rima,

Late reply cause I dont usually check comments here haha ;)
Plus sizes? Awwww, will try to stock up more next year okay cause my suppliers dont seem to accomodate this request yet :D

RiMa said...

hahaha... well.. hopefully your supplier will have more option for plus sizes.. kehkehkeh...