Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lacey Top

You gotta save money for other stuffs but puzzling about your lack of juicy clothes in your closet for both work and outings? So after few thoughts, you decided to treat yourself for one new piece! But what should you sacrifice the money for? Working attire or something to go out for your dreamy date? Here comes a solution. Spare some money to buy this piece which you can wear for both working and playing!

It comes in four colors; Yellow, Pink, White & Black!

The material is so nice, you will feel so pampered. Check out the lacey neck, arms and bottom part. The cute buttons are also my favorite. I know how it feels when you really like a blouse or top but the buttons are too funky i.e metal buttons which is inappropriate to wear to work. But this one, I can guaranty that your nasty boss won't sound you of wearing too casual to work! * Not corporate enough some says...

Price : RM 30 RM25!!!!!!!
Status : SOLD!
Size : Free size (fits XS-L)
Material : Soft Cotton (almost feel like satin)
Color : Black
Code : TJC004
Remarks : Tummy area is adjustable


Juicy Notes: " Only great minds can afford a simple style" ~Stendhal ~

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